Great Reset flyer
Great Reset flyer
Great Reset flyer

Great Reset flyer

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You will own nothing

It all sounds like a crazy, dystopian conspiracy theory: The plan of the world's most powerful people is to crash the economy and destroy the middle class, followed by targeted dispossession of the citizens. The final goal is similar to that of communism: A self-appointed "elite" of billionaires and corporations dominating 99 % subordinates who "own nothing".

And since this dispossession is not intended to be recognizable as such, it is being done by means of a self-inflicted energy crisis. Energy shortages, an explosion of gas and electricity prices, and a massive wave of inflation are all consequence of the sanctions against Russia. But it has been clear from the start that these sanctions are entirely useless and only bound to hit the sanctioning countries’ own populations. Their real purpose is the implementation of the globalists' perfidious plan: the Great Reset.

Distribute this flyer to inform those who have not spent much time on the topic of the Great Reset, who have not understood yet what is really going on, or who have never heard of Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset.

  • 8 pages
  • Format: 11 cm x 22 cm (long DIN)

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